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  • How many of us have a bread-maker, an unused sandwich toaster or perhaps a smoothie maker stuck in the back of the cupboard? These items can easily be removed, and if they’re in good condition you could donate them to someone who can make better use of them. 

    Rearranging furniture and altering the layout of any room can help create more space regardless of how big or small your home is. It is not just big items taking up space, sometimes it is just little alterations that can make a big difference.

    Whether you're buying, selling or staying put, the important thing is that you're happy with where you are and what you've got, and simple changes can make the best of your home and show it off to its maximum potential.

  • Rotating clothes is a basic little trick that can be used to maximum effect, with Summer and Winter clothes being prioritised depending on the month of the year. The clothes that you’re going to be wearing more frequently should be kept where they are more easily accessible.

    There are an increasing number of people who pay for storage to move some of their items out to try to sell their homes, but my techniques can help you use your existing space without having to pay this additional cost. 

    The chances are that many people have plenty of perfectly good items in their homes that are simply not being used – why not take the opportunity to pack some items up and donate them to charity shops or, if you have items of a higher value, you can quite easily sell items on.

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