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    I am currently revising my business and will no longer be selling items on behalf of clients. I have reached this decision as I find it is very time consuming to sell things when my true skill is in helping people to organise and streamline their lives, Happy to help if you would benefit from an objective look at your clutter #organise #clutter #stressfreelife
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    We’re into October, the nights are drawing in, the Halloween decorations and fireworks are in the shops (not to mention the Christmas items that are already on sale) and the warm jumpers and big coats are looking more and more tempting. It’s the time of year when the central heating jumps back into life, warm comfort foods such as stew become more appealing and curling up on the sofa with a warm mug (or maybe a little whisky) becomes really tempting. [ 670 more words ]
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    If you have to much cluttler in your house. Such as clothes, kids toys, old records then contact me and yourself organise before Christmas #wastenot #organise #declutter
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    This month’s blog is a little later than normal. I usually like to get them online on the first day of every month but I have been very busy lately, not least because we have a new arrival in the house in the shape of a black Labrador puppy. The arrival of a new pet in a household can make anyone rethink the outlook of their home – shelves may suddenly seem too low, exposed wires become tempting chew toys and items you may have just left around before suddenly find themselves ripped apart in the dog basket. [ 592 more words ]
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    Now that summer is in full swing, if your thinking your house needs to be decluttered when the kids go back to school then contact Room to Breathe #declutter #organise #wastenot
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    In last months blog I spoke about garages and how often they can be forgotten about as useful storage areas. One space that is arguably even more overlooked is the attic. Most people with an attic probably have the usual seasonal items stashed away, such as suitcases for summer holidays or the Christmas decorations. In some cases, there are even plenty of people who have never even properly looked in their attic and, when they do, they find items that were left by previous owners – if they didn’t want to take it with them, there’s a very good chance that you don’t need it! [ 520 more words ]
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    Room To Breathe shared a link.
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    Over the last 24hrs I have sold a lawn mower, broken camera, sleeping bag, shoes, dresses & candle holders, What do you think you might have hidden in your house #declutter #organise #wastenot
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